Welcome to Math Made Easy!

In this course we will be providing you with a detailed overview of the following topics with a specific emphasis on tips, tricks and techniques to simply solve any math problem quickly.


  •   + - ÷ x > <
  •  Prime Numbers, Composite Numbers
  •  Roots
  •  Fractions
  •  Decimals
  •  Chance, Probability
  •  Percentages
  •  Ratios

Patterns and Algebra

  •  Number Patterns
  •  Algebraic Techniques
  •  Linear Equations


  • Constructing and Interpreting Tables and Graphs


  •  Length
  •  Perimeter
  •  Area, Surface Area
  •  Volume
  •  Time
  •  Mass
  •  Metric Units

Space and Geometry 

  •  2D and 3D Shapes
  •  Coordinates
  •  Angles
  •  Properties of Geometrical Figures

Each of the above sections also contain notes that can be downloaded for easy reference. There are 15 quizzes each with its own video where we take you step by step through the process of solving each question.

At the end of the course you will be able to approach math problems by breaking them down and applying the shortcuts you've learned to reach the solution.

All the course contents are hosted at Udemy.


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