SAP CO (Controlling) Course Contents

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  • Financial Accounting vs Management Accounting
  • Components of the CO module
  • FI Integration with CO module
  • CO Organizational units
  • Controlling Area settings
  • Company Code to Controlling Area assignment


Cost Element Accounting

  • Analyse the various types of Cost Elements
  • Primary vs Secondary Cost Elements
  • Cost Element Groups
  • Create Cost Elements for GL accounts
  • Create Cost Elements for Allocation Cycles


Cost Center Accounting

  • Define and Create Cost Center Hierarchy
  • Define, Create, and Configure Cost Centers
  • Determine usage of Cost Center Accounting with Planning Functionality
  • Cost Center Groups
  • Allocation Types: Distribution vs Assessment
  • Create an allocation cycle
  • Run Cost Center Reports
  • Planning function in Cost Center Accounting
  • Running Plan/Actual/Variance Reports
  • Use and creation of Statistical Key Figures (SKF)
  • SKF: Fixed Values vs Total Values
  • Entering SKFs for Allocation
  • Creating Activity Types
  • Activity Allocation
  • Adjustment Posting in CO
  • Reposting vs Allocation
  • Validation and Substitution


Internal Orders

  • Determine Internal Order Types and Planning
  • Real vs Statistical Orders
  • Determine Internal Order Settlement Rules
  • Create Number Ranges for Internal Orders
  • Assign Budgets to Internal Orders
  • Analyse Budget, Plan, Commitment and Available values

Profit Centers

  • Create Organizational Chart for Profit Centers
  • When to create a Profit Center
  • Relationship between Business Area, Profit Center and Segment
  • Creating Segments
  • Defaulting a Profit Center
  • Execute Profit Center Reports


Product Cost Controlling

  • Product Life Cycle
  • Costing Sequence
  • Material Master Org Structure
  • Material Master Characteristics, Material Types, Material Groups
  • Material Master Data Views
  • Finance integration points with the Purchasing Process
    • Creating Purchase Order
    • Creating Goods Receipt
    • Creating an Invoice referencing Purchase Order
  • Basic Settings for Material Costing
    • Maintain Overhead Cost Elements
    • Define Calculation Bases 
    • Define Percentage Overhead Rates
    • Define Quantity-Based Overhead Rates 
    • Define Credits 
    • Define Origin Groups
    • Define Costing Sheets 
    • Define Overhead Keys 
    • Define Overhead Groups
    • Define Cost Component Structure
  • Configuring the Material Cost Estimate
    • Define Costing Types
    • Define Valuation Variants 
    • Define Date Control 
    • Define Quantity Structure Control
    • Define Transfer Strategy 
    • Define Reference Variants
    • Define Costing Variants
  • Creating Bills of Material
  • Creating Routing
  • Creating Work Centers and assigning Activity Types
  • Understanding the use of additional functions of material costing such as Production Versions, Mixed Costing, Joint Production, etc.
  • Creating Base Planning Object
  • Steps to executing the Costing Run
  • Configuring the Product Cost by Order
  • Configuring the Product Cost by Period
  • Configuring Product Cost by Sales Order
  • Configuring Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Configuring Variance Calculation
  • Configuring Settlement
  • Understand the difference between Product Cost by Order vs Period
  • Creating Production Order
  • Creating Process Order
  • Creating Product Cost Collector
  • Finance integration points with the Sales Process
    • Creating Sales Order
    • Creating Outbound Delivery and Post Goods Issue
    • Creating Billing Document
  • Account determination settings using OBYC
  • Revenue Account determination settings for Billing


Profitability Analysis

  • Configuring the Operating Concern
  • Understand the Hierarchy for Profitability Analysis
  • Assignment of Controlling Area to Operating Concern
  • Understand the CO-PA objects: Characteristics, Value Fields, Characteristic Values, Profitability Segments
  • Creating Characteristics Values
  • Understand the difference between Account-based and Costing -based CO-PA
  • Configure Assessment Cycle to transfer costs from Cost Centers to Profitability Segments
  • Creating CO-PA Assessment Cycles
  • Create CO-PA reports using Forms
  • Create transactional entries for CO-PA segments


New GL Functionality

  • Advantages of using New GL
  • Configuration Document Splitting
  • Configuring Planning with New GL
  • Entering Plan values for Profit Centers with New GL
  • Important CO master data and transaction data tables


Changes to Controlling Module with S/4 HANA

Overview of SAP HANA

  • What is SAP HANA
    • Why you need HANA
    •     How it was done before
    • How it works now in HANA
    • Data Replication in HANA

HANA Deployment Options and Architecture

  • HANA Deployment Options
    • On-Premise Deployment
    •     Difference between the two cloud services (HEC vs HCP)
    •     HANA Architecture Overview
    •     SAP HANA Architecture

Overview of S/4 HANA Finance

  • Functionality and benefits of SFIN
    • Deployment Options for SFIN
    •     Licencing Options
    •     SAP SFIN Software Products
    •     Upgrade Paths to SFIN
    •     Universal Journal
    •     Tables Removed
    •     Universal Journal Extensibility
    •     Universal Journal Entry
    •     Document Numbers (BELNR)
    •     Document Numbers compatibility with CO
    •     Appendix (Extension) Ledger
    •     What’s changed with Simple Finance
    •     Existing Custom Programs and Interfaces
    •     Prima Nota

Central Finance

  • Interfaces for Central Finance
    • Central Finance Instance
    •     External System information
    •     Central Finance Implementation
    •     Key components for installation

GL and Cost Elements

  •       General Ledger Master Data
    •     Cost Element Master Data
    •     Primary Cost Element Creation
    •     Secondary Cost Element Creation
    •     Fixed Asset Statistical Cost Element Creation
    •     FI and CO Period Locks
    •     Authorizations for GL Master Data


CO Module in S/4 HANA Finance             

  • Changes to CO Postings
  • CO-PA with S/4 HANA
  • CO and Material Ledger
  • Changes to Period End Closing Transactions
  • Technical changes to the CO module


Project Systems

  • Overview of Project System
  • Project System’s relevance to SAP CO
  • Why an SAP Finance consultant need to learn Project Systems
  • Basic Configuration – Structures for WBS
  • Basic Configuration – Costs for WBS
  • Create a Project Definition
  • Create WBS Elements
  • Assign Budget amounts to your WBS
  • Understand the use of Supplement and Return of Budgets
  • Perform Actual and Commitment transaction postings to WBS
  • Execute Project and WBS reports


Material Ledger

  • Overview of Material Ledger
  • Concept of Actual Costing and Periodic Unit Price
  • Material Ledger Configuration
  • Material Ledger Configuration in OBYC
  • Material Ledger Reports